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Together we win, Divided we fall
A place for people from all walks of Black Life
The BRIJ Embassy for Black America invites you to become Citizens of our collective. As a BRIJ Citizen you gain access into a world where the intentional exchange of time, money, resources and skills is rewarded and reinvestment back into the economic development of our communities is priority.
BRIJ citizens earn Syli points from membership, acts of service, exchanges and spending with Black people and places. Citizens pay a monthly fee in which 40% is placed into the BRIJ Fund and reinvested back into start-ups, initiatives, business expansions, education, housing and leadership monthly via a vote; 10% is reinvested back into our Citizens Fund and 50% is used for BRIJ operations. Syli points can be used to redeem offers and access to opportunities offered through the BRIJ Embassy.
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The BRIJ Experience
“It will take at least 5 decades to reverse the conditions of our communities and it must start now or we will be a forgotten tribe. This is not a boycott or protest, those strategies are temporary, this is a shift of lifestyle, and it’s going to take patience, sacrifice, intentionality and consistency to move us forward.”
-The General, TeQuila Shabazz
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