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Tequilla Shabazz
Classes Start January 21, 2018
The BE Black Academy
TeQuila Shabazz instructs classes that help people become more aware of their capital and how to strategically increase it’s value for the benefit of self and the community at-large. She call’s her student’s PRactitioners because her teachings are centered around application. Her instruction has helped individuals, businesses and organizations be more proactive and intentional with identifying and growing what Chris Rabb describes as “invisible capital”, and effectively tithing and reinvesting into the growth of our communities as a collective. Through The BE Black Academy, Shabazz uses her teaching, writing, and talks around the practical application of cooperative economics for self, family and community to help reset minds and rebuild communities. Her approach on the subject is original and leaves participants ready to work.
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Shabazz helps to guide individuals into more practical applications of supporting the Black community. Shabazz teaches economics from a holistic perspective, evaluating 8 primary forms of capital that expand our discussion of economics beyond consumerism, our levels of consciousness and daily steps that can be implemented in our intentional practice of Building Black.
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Always Building Capital
A 4-part online course to help reset our mindset about wealth building and help transition us into a lifestyle where our choices benefit the civic and economic well being of our communities. The first course identifies your capital, the second measures your capital, the third quantifies your time and the final course connects your capital. Each class covers topics from both an individual and collective perspective. Courses are built off the previous lessons and are required to move on to the next. We strongly recommend that you take all 4 courses together, but it is not required.
Mining Your Capital:
In this 90 minute introductory course for the Always Building Capital series, we take a look at natural, human, cultural, social, physical and financial capital, and how they function within our individual lives and the cooperative economics space. This class helps to reset our thinking from consumerism to collectivism as it relates to supporting Black; and return us to the basic old school practice and principles of wealth building in self and community.
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Measuring Your Capital:
Now that you’ve identified your capital, this second 90 minute course in the Always Building Capital series, helps to measure where you’re strongest and weakest, and the areas that require more concentration as it pertains to your individual growth and the collective growth of our communities.
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The Value of Your Hour:
Most of us waste time on the wrong people, places, things and activities causing us to decrease our value and wealth. Imagine if we placed a value on every waking hour, the way a consultant does when he/she sits with a client. How would this knowledge change the way we use our ‘free’ time? This 90 minute course is the third class in our Always Building Capital series and helps quantify the value of your hour; in turn, allowing you to better prioritize things like social invitations, skill sharing, career placement, volunteerism and even favors.
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Connecting Your Capital:
The final course in the Alway’s Building Capital series is synching our practical wealth building efforts to our overall daily practices, then effectively reinvesting capital back into our communities in a simple yet impactful way. In this 90 minute course, we outline a plan of action to help execute your new lifestyle.
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